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RM-1044 Twelfth Master Chen

Rouge, is one of the classic movies in Hong Kong. The story is about a ghost called \'\'Ruhua\" came to 1980\'s Hong Kong and found her old lover \'\'Twelfth Master Chen\'\'. The artist acted as \'\'Twelfth Master Chen\'\' was handsome and smart. In the movie, \'\'Twelfth Master Chen\'\' and \'\'Ruhua\" created a romantic but sad love story which actually was a beautiful misunderstnding. InRouge, the main artist \'\'Twelfth Master Chen\'\' was so elegant and gorgeous that making the character one of the most classic ones in Hong Kong movie history. 

1 head sculpts of museum-like representation of Twelfth Master Chen with authentic likeness, it is a shooting facial expression.

The head sculpt is hand-painted with newly developed \"multi-layer\" paint application.

Newly developed Asian body with 30 points of articulation

Accurate Chinese style clothing with detail pattern.

Newly developed Twelfth Master Chen signature interchangeable hands. 4 pieces in total.

A pair of Chinese old style shoes.

Accessories included: A wooden made Chinese old style chair which according from ROUGE movie.

Also come with a piece of memorable certificate (limit of 5,000).

Head and body Sculpted by: SCUDERIA

Sculpt Art directed by: YJ
Paint Art Director: YJ

Production and Manufacturing: ENTERBAY

Please note that most of our figurines and their accessories are made out of plastic, metal or wood.  If you wish to maximize the life of your ENTERBAY product, we would strongly suggest you to keep the product dry.  Do not store or expose the product in high temperature areas or display the product under bright lights for over a long period of time as it may cause deformation to the figurine itself or its compartments. When you wish to clean the product, do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents as this may cause destructive chemical reactions.