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BL-1 Black Label: Bruce Lee statue BL-1

Next year will be the 39th anniversary of the Death of Bruce Lee, the greatest of martial arts international superstar. To commemorate this great master, ENTERBAY is proudly presenting this very special limited edition BLACK LABEL 1/6 scale Bruce Lee statue BL-1.

Worldwide Limited Edition of 5000 sets; each set would have their own individual serial number with laser engraving on the metal plates. With the museum-like high quality head sculpt and perfectly carved statue body, we are bringing Lee back to life.  Using real fabric clothing and ENTERBAY unique color coating technology, we are giving extra visual impact to this product.  The BL-1 is a stunning collectible statue that no Bruce Lee fans should miss it.

This brand new BLACK LABEL series is based on the concept of .  Everything from this series will be limited edition products and compare to other general factory flow-through production, products of this series will be produced by individual craftsmen. Each product is a personal creation, from start to finish made by one professional. This product line would be the most luxurious from ENTERBAY; not because of the high price, but they will be the finest in quality.

  • Museume-like high quality head sculpt and perfectly carved statue body
  • Individually hand-painted head sculpt with a serious facial expression; details wrinkles and expression with newly developed \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"multi layer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" paint application
  • Topless Bruce Lee giving the muscular expression
  • Jeans that is worn by the statue is made out of real denim fabric, and this help to make the product to look more realistic
  • Highly authentic 1/6 scale belt as seen on Bruce Lee many times before
  • Highly authentic 1/6 scale necklace with the Jeet Kune Do club logo
  • A pair of classic 70s shoes as seen on Bruce Lee before
  • Approximately 35cm tall (including the base)
  • The exclusive wooden base with the metal plate that has the individual serial number
  • Worldwide Limited Edition of 5000 sets

BRUCE LEE® is a registered trademark of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. The Bruce Lee name, image, likeness and all related indicia are intellactual property of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC.

  • Final product may slightly vary from the pictured prototype

  • All information is subject to change without prior notice
Please note that most of our figurines and their accessories are made out of plastic, metal or wood.  If you wish to maximize the life of your ENTERBAY product, we would strongly suggest you to keep the product dry.  Do not store or expose the product in high temperature areas or display the product under bright lights for over a long period of time as it may cause deformation to the figurine itself or its compartments.
When you wish to clean the product, do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents as this may cause destructive chemical reactions.