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RM-1036 NBA Collection - Kobe Bryant

ENTERBAY proudly presents the Real Masterpiece: NBA collection. 

We introduced the first Kobe Bryant figurine back in Aug 2012.  They were a huge success and first production run were completely sold out.  We are now pleased to introduce the 2nd run production of this amazing Kobe Bryant figurine.  Most things are almost the same as the 1st run, but we have upgraded some of the items, such as the newly made refined headsculpts and body action body; new sneakers and figurine stands etc.

The NBA collection will have 6 players in total, and the releasing schedule is showing as followed:

  • Kobe Bryant (Aug 2012)
  • Lebron James (Jun 2013)
  • Blake Griffin (Aug 2013)
  • Derrick Rose (Oct 2013)
  • Jeremy Lin (Jan 2014)
  • Kevin Durant (Apr 2014)

This fantastic 1/6 scale collectible figurine includes:

  • 2 (two) newly made refined head sculpts of museum-like representation of Kobe Bryant with authentic likeness, each with a different facial expression
  • Each head sculpts are individually hand-painted with newly developed \"multi layer\" paint application
  • Brand new developed NBA-KB2.0 new action body design with 40 points of articulation, with refined arm muscle in order to get a better body shape.  The height is according to Bryant’s actual height, therefore instead of the usual 12” figurine, this product is actually around 13” tall and with his iconic tattoos as well
  • Accurate Official NBA Lakers Home Team Jerseys with shorts and a pair of white socks.  Materials have been improved compare to the previous verison.
  • 5 (five) pairs of interchangeable hands, including two pairs with magnets on them to hold the basketball
  • A purple elbow pad and a purple knee pad
  • A 1/6 scale Spalding basketball with magnet inside
  • Newly developed figurine stand with the official NBA Lakers team logo on it.

Head Sculpted by : SCUDERIA
Sculpt Art directed by : YJ
Paint Art Director: YJ
Production and manufacturing: ENTERBAY

  • Final product may slightly vary from the pictured prototype
  • All information is subject to change without prior notice
Please note that most of our figurines and their accessories are made out of plastic, metal or wood.  If you wish to maximize the life of your ENTERBAY product, we would strongly suggest you to keep the product dry.  Do not store or expose the product in high temperature areas or display the product under bright lights for over a long period of time as it may cause deformation to the figurine itself or its compartments.
When you wish to clean the product, do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents as this may cause destructive chemical reactions.